Website Design


From concept to creation or site re-design, Irish Web Live offers a solution to meet all needs and budgets, including e-commerce, CMS (Content Management Systems), large business website and right through to small portfolio websites.

All our websites are SEO primed, that means we will complete the necessaries to insure your website will be indexed on the search engines.

A bespoke Web Design custom built for your needs, or of course if you wish to have a template you found changed to a style that suits your needs, and you find that way more cost effective ,we are also happy to help there.

Your website will be cross-browser compatible. This allows anybody on any system to view my websites. Please note we only support Internet Explorer 7+ as standard, although there are even restrictions with what we can build with Internet Explorer 7 (we are talking the fancy stuff you see today possible though CSS3 and HTML5). But of course, we are happy to discus with you these possible conflicts if you require something that may cause an issue in Internet Explorer 7.

Full support and service after the website is finished, that means we are here to help you, no we don’t have a premium number you must call, and no we do not charge for further support after the website is complete. Don’t believe us, heard it all before, well please few our testimonials and don’t hesitate to contact them either to further establish how our service is after the website is live.


Mobile Website Design

The trend in Mobile website development is leaning heavily towards the use of responsive web design as opposed to the creation of a separate mobile web site. However, there may still be some important business cases for the creation of a separate mobile website.

The effective use of your mobile presence is a critical element for businesses and organizations in today’s marketing landscape. Creating an effective user experience on these devices (smart phones and tablets) is something which requires expertise and knowledge.

Design by Cactus dedicated team of experts will help you explore different mobile options, help you create the right plan to engage your customers, create highly intuitive mobile tools, and show you how to best utilize these in your overall marketing program.

Being mobile responsive is more important now than it ever has been before. It is trending that in 18 months over 50% of all Internet traffic will be from mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets – so there is a window of opportunity now to ensure your websites work well on mobile devices before the change comes through.